About Us

Quality Machine of Iowa, Inc. has three locations: Minneapolis, MN, Maple Grove, MN and Audubon, IA. Quality Machine of Iowa, Inc. has a combined total 56,000 sq. ft. of space, 55 employees.

Our Vision:

Quality Machine of Iowa, Inc. is committed to becoming a world leader in precision production machining of metal parts. Our goal to achieving this is by continually improving our processes and by building on our employee's commitment and QMI's ability to serve our customer's with products of precision tolerance and on time deliveries.

Our Mission:  

Quality Machine of Iowa, Inc. is dedicated to "improving the profitability and capital effectiveness of precision production machining", by utilizing our employee's technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. To provide high, "value added products", that will enhance our customers profitability and satisfaction.
Core Values:  
"Be Ethical" - Do the right thing
    •Be truthful & honest
Use honorable business practices Obey laws, company policies and work regulations

"Be Successful" - Achieve established goals
    •Plan strategically for the future
    •Set clear, measurable, and attainable goals
    •Monitor and respond to market conditions

"Be Committed" - Maintain mutually beneficial relationships
    •Consistently demonstrate our core values through actions
    •Demonstrate a "teamwork spirit" through mutual trust, respect, and loyalty
    •Contribute to the resources required to succeed
"Be Excellent" - Focus performance on production and satisfaction
    •Strive to provide better products
    •Provide the environment where employees can learn and grow
    •Reinforce high quality performance standards

"Be Dynamic" - Maximize Opportunities
    •Nourish vision and creative thinking
    •Encourage people to challenge their potential
    •Identify and change that, which is not working